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Favorite Audio

Fi's Requiem Video Game Song
Quest of the Manwhore Techno Loop
Soul Destroyer Classical Song
Theme of Love (FFIV) Classical Song
Dot Dot Dot Spoken Word Voice
Let Us Battle! Classical Song
Dance of the Manwhore House Loop
Lil' Buddy Classical Song
My Goodnight In Ashes Classical Song
The Endless Labrynth Classical Song
=-=The Trickster=-= Halloween Classical Song
Quiet Slumber Video Game Loop
Riding on the Edge Heavy Metal Song
Moon Tear (Main Theme) Classical Song
Blunt Shmokin' Super-er Song Classical Song
Armed Chase Classical Song
[DJP] Worms Theme Video Game Song
Reach for the Stars 8-Bit Video Game Song
Tetris On The Toilet Heavy Metal Song
Dead Man's Moon Miscellaneous Song
Imaginary Friend Classical Song
(CHS) Last Hope Video Game Song
PixEvo - Ending Video Game Loop
PixEvo - Theme Video Game Loop
Mega Man 9 - Splash Symphony Video Game Song
Ultimate Kirby Compilatio Video Game Song
'Rageous 7 [RD2010] House Song
R'R Menu [RD2010] Ambient Loop
The Opera of the Frogs Ambient Song
Megaman 3 Remix <(dj Xemex)> Video Game Song
Blippblipp (modern 8bit) Video Game Song
Coma: Red Wind Theme Ambient Song
Hitler And His Talking Vagina Indie Song
Leo & Satan Theme - Original Classic Rock Song
Mist in the Morning Classical Song
OOTHQ: The Lost Woods Video Game Song
Geno's Woods Orchestra Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros 2 Main Theme Video Game Song
Super Mario Castle: The Return Video Game Song
My Destination Video Game Song
OOTHQ: The Windmill Hut Video Game Song
Cyberfire Video Game Song
Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final Video Game Loop
Saria`s Song ReMiXed Up Video Game Song
You can't lose them all Ambient Song
For Those... Classical Song
Overdone VG Summery #9001 Voice Demo Song
Asperchu Theme Heavy Metal Song
Cookie Jar Gone Wrong Voice Demo Loop
It's Great To Be A Pirate Voice Demo Song
5 legend of ZELDA song Video Game Song
Enter The Temple Of Time Video Game Song
The Concerto of Time Video Game Song
superman theme General Rock Song
Athletic(Yoshi's Island:SMW2) Video Game Loop
-Orr- Conceptual Cubes Classical Loop
Run to Japan Video Game Song
Theia - Eternal Lullaby Video Game Loop
-Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL] Classical Song
SM64 - Dire Dire Docks (Beneth Video Game Song
Garden Party Miscellaneous Song
. Even In Death . Classical Song
Megaman 3 - Magnet Man Video Game Song
Zelda-Majora's Mask Comp. Video Game Song
Conker's Bad Fur Day - Poo Video Game Song
The Four Giants-Majoras Mask Video Game Song
Golden Sun- Full Moon In Garoh Video Game Song
Golden Sun- Elemental Stars Video Game Song
Zelda OOT-Serenade of Water Video Game Song
Ocarina of Time Title Theme Video Game Song
Zelda Oot Compilation Video Game Song
(PM) - Mysterious Techno Song
Tetris Remix Song B [w/ Break] Video Game Song
Pat-a-pan Dance Song
Lovely Sleigh Ride Jazz Song
<|>: Clockwork General Rock Song
<|>: Game Over Video Game Loop
-Orr- Larry's Theme Classical Loop
Legendary Beast (FF8) - Remix Video Game Song
Breakfast Song Indie Song
spooky happy-end w/flowers Miscellaneous Song
*+*+8-bit halloween+*+* Video Game Song
MarioRPG: Halloween for S Video Game Song
Stand off (horror) Video Game Loop
eddegg end credits acapella Voice Demo Loop
Blunt Shmokin' Super Song Video Game Song
Colour My World Jazz Song
HoT #4: Leaving the Forest Classical Song